The Army Museum is one of six national museums. It was established Dec, 22nd 1959 in the center of Hanoi, near V.L Lenin's statue, some 600 meters from President Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum to the East, in 10.000 square meters area.

A well - known ancient monument on the grounds of the museum in Hanoi flag Tower, classified as a national historic cultural monument. The construction of the Tower started in 1805 and was completed in 1812, with a height of nearly 31 meters and a circumstance of 180 meters.

The Army Museum offers a lively and attractive history of the Vietnamese people's armed forces under the leadership of Vietnam's communist party and of president Ho Chi Minh.

Thousands of exhibits, photographs, maps, scale models... are in the museum. This'll give visitors a good general knowledge of the process of the birth, growth and victories of the Vietnamese people's armed forces for the cause of peace, independence and freedom.


Birth of Vietnam liberation army’s propaganda brigade 22.12.1944

Complete victory of the Dien Bien Phu Campaign 7.5.1954

The 12.4 mm Gun

Used by local army men of MinhHoa (QuangBinh) to shoot down the American 3000th Aircraft in the north on June 25, 1968.

37 mm Anti-aircraft Artillery
One of the pieces operated by the Nguyen Viet Xuan battalion that shot down 124 US Aircraft and was twice cited heroic unit.


175 mm Artillery (M107)

One of the pieces seized in south Vietnam battle. In the resistance war against the US for national salvation (1954-1975)


175 mm Artillery (M107)
One of the pieces seized in south Vietnam battle. In the resistance war against the US for national salvation (1954-1975)

SAM Anti-Aircraft


T54B No 985

Operated be the 4th company 273rd brigade, this heroic company participated in the assault to seize the Saigon army 23rd division headquarters during BuonMaThuat combat (April 1975) and also in the battles at Bayhien cross, Saigon (April 1975) and at Tasanh, Cambodia (1979)

M 577-A1 armored car
One of the enemy’s armored cars seized by the Vietnamese armed forces on the highway No 9-Southern LAOS 1971


Hoang Cam stove used widely on Truong Son road for the soldiers going on this way. It was difficult for the enemy to discover it.

Made by liberation troop of the western south from a broken piece of an American B26 warplane fired down in C war zone, and presented to uncle Ho on the occasion of his birthday on 19may1968

Used by workers of power station yenphu to repair transformer and gas-furnace destroyed by American planes on Mai, 2nd 1967.


The taxi was used by Nguyen Tan Mieng, a commando of Saigon to transport armament from GoVap to attack the staff headquarters of the Saigon army during the TET offensive and uprising 1968.



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