The TL-1 “Tu luc” Command – reconnaissance airplane

The TL-1 is the first product studied, designed and successfully manufactured in 1984-1985 by Vietnamese air force institute

Interceptor Mig17 No 2011

On May 12th 1967, facing the US air power 9 times bigger than ours, four pilots Cao Thanh Tinh, Le Hai, Ngo Duc Mai and Hoang Van Ky were shot downed 3 US fighters. In this fight lieutenant Ngo Duc Mai with this 2011 was shot downed the fighter of colonel Norman Cagadix, the US air force’s anti-Mig specialist

This Mig 17  No 2047 was bombed 2 US destroyers when they were shelling Dong Hoi at 16h dated april-19, 1972

Interceptor Fishbed MIG 21-F94

The plane No 5020 of the 927th heroic regiment flown by Le Thanh Dao, Nguyen Duc Soat, Nguyen van Nghia with many eminent feats in hard fights against US air force in 1972.

On July,5 1972 on this plane, hero Nguyen Tien Sam fire downed a F4E. Because of very short distance, he had to fly over the explosion area. His plan couldn’t operate because of air shortage but he was very calm to operate his plane and continued assisting his friends in shooting down one more F4.

Interceptor Fishbed MIG 21-F96

It’s one of the 96th  heroic regiment’s planes. This regiment shot down 137 US aircrafts.

On the night Dec17,1972 hero Pham Tuan was shot downed one B52 in Hoa Binh area.

Bomber A37

Trophy in 1975. This bomber was flown by Tu De, on 28-4-1975, dropped the first bombs on Tan san Nhat airport.




Freighting helicopter Mi6 No 7609

Mi 6 was carried hundred of times MIG17, MIG 21, radar, anti-aircraft gun since Hochiminh campaign 1975, Kampuchea and China war.

Mi – 24 Helicopter (No 7430)

Modern weapon, strong firepower, mobility this fighter fight 149 battles, destroyed many bases, head quarters in the Kampuchea war. 

K-25 helicopter

Was used by Vietnam NAVY


RADAR PCN –7        1965-1973

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